Gateway Park Monthly Climate Report for June, 2017

As of midnight on June 27, 2017

184.0° 5:20 PM52.9° 4:20 AM78.9°56.2°0.00"13 mph 5:55 PM1.8 mph ENE
288.9° 4:35 PM65.7° 3:45 AM79.2°56.6°0.67"19 mph 3:50 AM2.3 mph SSW
389.0° 2:55 PM61.1° 6:05 AM79.5°56.9°0.00"13 mph 3:05 PM1.3 mph ESE
490.6° 4:25 PM64.7° 5:50 AM79.9°57.3°0.00"12 mph 4:35 PM1.1 mph W
591.9° 4:30 PM61.5° 6:00 AM80.2°57.6°0.00"14 mph 5:35 PM2.2 mph ENE
684.1° 4:40 PM65.1° 6:25 AM80.5°58°0.00"14 mph 8:15 AM3.6 mph ENE
783.9° 4:25 PM55.5° 6:00 AM80.8°58.3°0.00"11 mph12:45 PM1.5 mph ENE
887.3° 4:00 PM55.4° 5:40 AM81.1°58.7°0.00"13 mph 1:10 PM1.5 mph SSW
990.7° 4:40 PM60.4° 6:00 AM81.5°59°0.00"17 mph12:40 PM2.4 mph S
1093.8° 4:45 PM70.0° 6:10 AM81.8°59.4°0.00"24 mph 9:15 AM4.1 mph S
1194.3° 4:25 PM73.7° 6:10 AM82.1°59.7°0.00"25 mph 2:25 PM4.1 mph S
1283.9° 6:25 PM70.8°10:05 AM82.4°60.1°0.17"31 mph 2:10 PM3.0 mph ENE
1391.9° 4:25 PM70.6°11:55 PM82.7°60.4°0.04"22 mph 5:10 PM3.9 mph SE
1488.0° 4:50 PM64.8° 8:55 AM83°60.7°0.56"21 mph 8:15 AM3.2 mph W
1595.3° 3:45 PM60.3° 5:25 AM83.3°61.1°0.14"16 mph10:10 PM2.0 mph ENE
1689.7° 4:40 PM65.8° 4:40 AM83.6°61.4°0.62"38 mph 8:10 PM2.6 mph SSW
1783.9° 2:50 PM64.7°12:00 AM83.9°61.7°0.02"16 mph10:30 PM1.4 mph ENE
1881.6° 4:50 PM59.6° 5:55 AM84.1°62°0.00"26 mph 3:20 PM4.0 mph W
1985.9° 3:50 PM57.3° 2:45 AM84.4°62.3°0.00"18 mph 3:35 PM2.2 mph W
2093.5° 3:00 PM61.9° 1:50 AM84.6°62.6°0.00"15 mph 3:55 PM2.9 mph NE
2196.3° 4:25 PM68.0° 5:25 AM84.9°62.9°0.00"23 mph 4:35 PM4.3 mph ENE
2292.3° 4:15 PM73.1° 7:15 AM85.1°63.2°0.02"19 mph 4:15 AM2.4 mph S
2376.4° 4:00 PM58.2°11:40 PM85.4°63.4°0.02"21 mph10:55 AM3.3 mph W
2481.8° 3:45 PM47.4° 5:55 AM85.6°63.7°0.00"24 mph 4:00 PM3.3 mph W
2577.4° 5:15 PM53.2° 5:35 AM85.8°63.9°0.00"16 mph11:35 AM2.4 mph W
2676.2° 5:50 PM54.4° 2:45 AM86°64.2°0.41"13 mph 5:55 PM1.7 mph NE

Extremes and averages so far this month:

Average maximum temperature87.4°
Departure from normal+4.7°
Average minimum temperature62.2°
Departure from normal+1.8°
Total precipitation2.67"
Average daily peak wind19.0 mph
Maximum temperature96.3° on 6/21
Minimum temperature47.4° on 6/24
Maximum daily precip0.67" on 6/2
Maximum wind speed38 mph on 6/16

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