University Heights - Manhattan, KS

Current weather updated every 5 minutes.

Current conditions in University Heights as of 4:48am CT on 11/28/23
Temperature Dew Point Relative Humidity
NOW18.6 °F NOW15.4 °F NOW87 %
MAX24.8 °F / 12:00am MAX21.0 °F / 12:00am MAX88 % / 3:54am
MIN18.6 °F / 4:44am MIN15.0 °F / 4:44am MIN85 % / 12:02am
Wind Speed Barometer Precipitation
NOWSW (221°)
0.0 mph
NOW30.370 in
Falling Slowly
NOW0.00 in
Storm Total: 0.27 in
MAX1.0 mph / 3:24am MAX30.396 in / 1:39am NOWRain Rate: 0.00 in/hr
AVGLast 10 min: 0.0 mph MIN30.367 in / 4:35am MAXRain Rate: 0.00 in/hr
Wind Chill Heat Index Solar Radiation
NOW18.6 °F NOW18.4 °F NOW0 W/m2
MIN19.0 °F / 4:06am MAX25.0 °F / 12:00am MAX0 W/m2 / ----m
2" Soil Temperature 4" Soil Temperature Evapotranspiration
NOW36.0 °F NOW39.0 °F DAY0.000 in
MAX36.0 °F / 12:00am MAX39.0 °F / 12:00am MO0.770 in
MIN36.0 °F / 12:00am MIN39.0 °F / 12:00am YR29.070 in
Sunrise Sunset 4" Soil Moisture
NOW 7:24am NOW 5:05pm NOW5 cb

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Monthly Extremes:

Temperature72.6 °F 17.0 °F
Dew Point63.0 °F 12.0 °F
Barometer30.543 in 29.573 in
Heat Index/Wind Chill74.0 °F 17.0 °F
Wind Speed26.0 mph
Precipitation 1.53 in

Yearly Extremes:

Temperature113.0 °F 4.8 °F
Dew Point84.0 °F -2.0 °F
Barometer30.700 in 29.013 in
Heat Index/Wind Chill134.0 °F -4.0 °F
Wind Speed34.0 mph
Precipitation 18.01 in